Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Batam trip 2011

Firstly,I must thank all of you who have been continuing supporting me in my blog by visiting this boring place regularly even when I have not been blogging for so long..Thank you so much!I thought no one while visit my blog anymore and I was rather worried.But after checking my stats,I know you guys are still there for me!!!I am really happy!Do continue to support my blog as I will have a giveaway either on my blog's one year anniversary or even earlier.I need more followers in order to do this.So if you like reading my blog,do click "join this site" at the "follow me" section which can me found on your left hand side of my blog ya?Alright shall we start?

On the first of September,my family and I went to Batam for a 2 days 1 night trip.The trip was rather boring for the whole day as we had a one day tour straight away after we reached Batam. The tour guide brought us to all the touristy places like as usual,"POLO OUTLET" which we are unsure of the authenticity and the worst thing of all is that is not just one polo shop its a few!She also brought us to see buy some Nonya kueh and shopped at some crappy old shopping mall that we had nothing to buy there.In between we also had seafood lunch which was so "blah"..I didn't took much pictures of the food because the food was that appetizing.All in all,the only three things we enjoyed was dining at the hotel,enjoying ourselves in the room and having A&W before we depart.

So,scroll down for more pictures!:)

This is the place we went for our "seafood" lunch.Oh!And did I mentioned the decoration cannot make it?haha..Didn't meant to be mean but look at it yourself..
This is my dad!Finally he is back after 3 months at overseas!And recently,he was bitten by a dog and had to take a jab:( I am really sad.Tell me what should I do to help him to lessen the pain..
So here is the seafood.
Finally!!!We reached our hotel at around 7.30pm after a long long day from 7am cos we had to reach the terminal at around 7am.
The only decent place I see is the hotel.

Clean toilet..But without bathtub:( But oh well,what can we expect from the price we paid right?

This is the only food that I am really pleased there.Hong kong ala-carte buffet for dinner!!!YUMMY!!!
We are allowed to order as many as we can from the menu and we were really satisfied and full after that.The whole restaurant have only us and 2 other groups of people.That's all.So we had a peaceful dinner.

Seafood fried rice.
Yummy chicken porridge.
Fried dumpling.
I forgot what is this.
Some jellyfish.The rest I didn't took pictures as we were famished.
It was the next day and we had to check out after our breakfast.So I took some pictures of the swimming pool that we didn't get to utilize during our trip.They are really lovely and it even come with a gym and a kids corner for kids to play.

The only anticipation that I had before I went.Is......A&W!!!I hope they will really consider bringing back to Singapore in the future.LOve their root beer float,waffle ice cream and everything!It reminds me of childhood times where my mum will bring me to the outlet at AMK central to have lunch.

Here comes our food..

 After our lunch we went shopping at Mega shopping mall while waiting for our ferry to go back to Singapore.I bought a whopping 5 pairs of bras!!!The bras in their departmental stores are really cheap!They cost about 8 SGD a pair but in terms of quality wise,the are not as good compared to Triumph.I used washing machine to wash all my bras but the ones I bought in Batam couldn't last me for quite long.The wire went out of shaped after about 3 months and made me really uncomfortable while wearing them.

 Our ferry..
 These concludes my trip and below are my hauls..Wanted to buy contact lenses at their shopping mall but I was worried about their quality and the source where it came from so I didn't.Should I buy it in my upcoming trip?Oh ya!I will be going there again this coming January.This time round is without any tour.Don't ask me why I would want to go there again because my mum bought the deals without our consent-.- She went there like so many times already I don't understand why she still wants to go there.She often go there with her colleagues which I have been with her once and she went herself with her colleagues for don't know how many times-.-So boring right?But anyway,I shall just treat it as I am going there for the A&W again.Hahaha!
The bras that I bought..Alrights..Leave a comment if you missed me or if you have anything to ask me ya?
My next blog post will probably be on my Koh Samui trip..Gonna edit them soon..

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