Friday, December 30, 2011

Koh Samui Day 2

So it was day 2 the next day and we had a long day.We woke up early to have breakfast at our resort and then we went back to have a little nap followed by a swim at our swimming pool and a tan at the beach just infront of our resort.It's my first time tanning with bikini!!Haha..So I camwhored..I love the pool because it comes with Jacuzzi and the resort provides bed at the beach as well as the pool for tanning.How awesome is that?You don't need to use a blanket and lie on it or worst,use a newspaper to sit on it.After tanning,we went to have our bathe in the hotel then we proceed for dinner and we went to club!:)At that night,we went to 3 different clubs.Clubbing in thailand is awesome as you dont need to pay a single cent for cover charge,all you need to pay is the drinks you have there.That's all.And the people outside are very welcoming and friendly.Even if you have no money,you can just go in and dance all you want.Best still get yourself drunk by buying some liquor at the nearby convenient stores like 7-11 before you go in.haha..And when we were in the club,90%of them are caucasians,about 9% are thais/locals whereas only 1% which is us are the only Singaporeans.So cool right?

I really had an eye opener when I was in the club as when I was there a caucasian man literally pull down his pants n under wear and showed everyone his butts and his friends were taking pictures of him half naked!!!I was really embarrassed when I saw it as he was just infront of me.

One of the club I went,I saw girls dancing/seducing infront/on the man and the man just stuff money in their g string..The dancers are all caucasians girls..I wonder why are they doing that when they can have a better job outside.

Another club played house music/trance which is totally not my type so we just sat there and drink.

We reached the hotel at about 3?and we didn't managed to wake up for the breakfast the next day as we were both very tired.

Alright,shall show you all the pictures!!!:)

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