Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gelish manicure and pedicure session at Hair folio modern.

Last Tuesday,I went for maincure and pedicure with mum at Hair folio modern which is located at Dhoby Ghaut exchange.Very conveniently.Don't need to spend time looking for the place and sweat like mad like what happened when I went for my previous manicure/pedicure session at Deniz Nailz. The person who helped us do which is apparently the boss of the nail salon,is ultra friendly.She keep talking to us and never failed to have a smile on her face.On the wall,you can see that she is a die hard Show Luo's fan.She took many pictures with him and even hugged him from the back.Envy much!Totally not regretted going there.It felt as though I was talking to a friend during the process and most of all,she didn't pushed us any package like what happened to us when we went to Deniz Nailz.She is so nice!!!People who is looking for a place to do your nails but is afraid of meeting those unfriendly yet agressive nail technicians,do visit her nail salon!Her services are very affordable!
My look and outfit of the day.

I like the place.It does everything.It's not just a nail salon,they also have hair and facial services.They venue is really huge yet cozy.
My mum and I.Sorry for the blur picture.My hands were shaking.I took 2 pictures with my mum which is unclear but I only posted one up here.Haha
Oh!By the way,I was wearing this pair of false lashes when I took all those pictures above.
Heh!Took pictures after I left the salon while waiting for my dinner to takeaway.
So sparkly right?Love the diamonds/swaroski crystal!
Nicely filed nails.
See how it shines at night?
Pictures taken the next day with natural sunlight.
It's my first time having crystal,having nail art on my fingers and first time doing Gelish!
Trust me!After doing gelish,you wouldn't want to do O.P.I anymore!Because gelish nail polish last up to 21days with no chip or fade!Yes,it didn't chip for me at all.Unlike O.P.I,it chips after a few days.Which makes you quite sad because you will feel that your money have gone down the drain.Another difference between gelish and O.P.I is that it feels very smooth on your nails just like putting hard gel on your nails.I like to touch my nails because of that.
This my new pedicure colour!I like this because it makes me look more matured.But I can really describe the colour.I think it's brownish grey?

Hehe!So this is the end of my post.Hope you girls enjoyed!Next up,sponsored advertorial by The Sample Store on video resume for job seekers.

Sorry for the lack of updates all,as I am busy preparing for my 21st Birthday which is happening on the 27th July.Means one more week to go!!!Finally settled the decorations,buffet dinner,cake and venue.Any sponsors for Polaroid camera???haha!

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  1. Manicure, pedicure and hair session? What a great salon treat combo! These treatments will sure make you feel beautiful, confident and pampered. And I think it's a must to have everyone to experience it once in a while.


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