Monday, May 23, 2011

Shopping,Pedicure and Steamboat at JB.

I went to JB,City Square on the 19th of May with my mum,brother and mum's two friends.Once we reach city square,we went to have our lunch settled at Old town.I ordered Wanton mee to share with my mum whereas my brother ordered curry noodles for himself and Nasi Lemak to share with my mum.After eating,we went to this huge factory outlet shop called F.O.S.
 I bought 2 babydoll sleep wear to wear at home for only 3 for 42RM.It's about $5.80 each.Mad cheap and it look so Victoria Secret's..Though it's factory outlet,their material is really good.But you have to be careful and check for defects.Defects like stains are common as it happens even at big store isn't it?
Sleepwear shorts for only 2 for 43RM if I do not remember wrongly.It's about $8 each:)
I have worn the top and shorts already and I can tell you that the material is good and thick.Mine has no defects at all.Perfect!

I also bought slippers to wear at home.2 pairs for 27RM which means one is only $5.60.Super COMFY!!!It feels so soft when I wear them.So "princessy" right?

After that,my mum's friends went to get their spectacles done.While waiting,my mum,brother and I went to this provision shop next to the spectacle shop called "Focus Point" and guess what I saw?I saw this childhood soft drink that I used to like drinking.I was really excited and bought one green apple flavor to drink.Heh..I remember,it used to be a smaller bottle and sold at 50cents at my school canteen.Then gradually the price increased to 80 cents per bottle or it's selling at 80 cents per bottle outside?I can't remember.It taste very refreshing and immediately quench my thirst just like 100plus and less gasier than coke.But too bad It can hardly be seen in Singapore now..
 From left to right:Orange,Cherry,Grape,Green apple and Lemon if I am not wrong.
Mine!:)It cost me 80 cents SGD but it's bigger in size.
Does this soft drinks reminds you of childhood too?

Bought some bubble gums and candies from the shop as well.
Went to have our pedicure done after that.
Got inspired by this set of nails that Zoe Raymond did.So I told the manicurist I want this design.
Without Flash
With flash.It cost me 96RM for this set of nails it is about $39.80 SGD.Hehe..
How does it look?I love them a lot!Can't stop looking at my nails and you know what did my brother say when i tell him my nails looks very pretty and i like it very much?He say..this one so easy..I also know how to do..Just use liquid paper to draw the dots can already..Then my mum also agree and join in the fun.She say "ya lo..come I help you!"-.-
Here are some of their designs.So pretty right?I wanna do gel extension before my 21st Birthday.
Just in case you want to know their rates.I took a picture of their pricelist.The rate is 1SGD =2.41RM.
So you just divide by 2.41 with the price you see can already.
After pedicure,I am famished!Cos lunch I only eat less than half of the Wanton noodles.
So we went to this place to have mini steamboat.Its my third time here already.My mum was so blur..we had a membership card here but she forgot to bring-.-So what's the point of applying right?Lol.
This place is super class.Minus the horrendous bill.They have excellent service also.All staff serve with a smile and are very patient to explain when in doubt.Totally feel relaxed there.
The bell for you to ask for service.
We ordered some side dishes to share.Golden mushroom,Baby cabbage and egg.
Brother's tomatoe soup.Super tasty cause it's sweet.
Mine.Milk based soup.
My seafood and scallop combination.

 After dinner,i went back to the "Focus Point" to buy some cosmetic contacts cause it's selling cheaper than SG.Freshkon mosaic lens selling at 70 per box and buy 2 get 1 free whereas Freshkon Sparklers series selling at 60 per box,buy 2 get 1 free.I wanted to get mosaic but they only have 1 grey instock.All other colours are not available.Not even if i want to purchase 3 of the same colours man.They only have 1 and only.Pathetic!So in total I spent 120RM which equals to $49.79 SGD for 3 boxes!That means,one box is only $16.50 SGD!Damn cheap right?Cheaper than EOS lens and some GEO lens eg bambi series which you buy online and much much more safe leis!!
 After that,we went down to basement to buy beard papa cream puffs and they are having promotion.Buy 6 for 10% off..Seems like everywhere is having promo in JB right??
 Haha..Then we went to Watson's and guess what I saw?
 Yes!It is F CUP COOKIES that was very famous long time ago..I wonder if it's safe to eat since it's selling at Watson's?Cos newspaper used to report the bad effects after taking this..Like causing breast cancer and etc.If it's safe,I don't mind trying.But no matter what,health comes first!
 There are a few flavors available.
Soy flavor.
Oh!I have some tips for you if you plan to go there after reading my blog,do change your currency in SG before you go there as the rate there is always lesser.I changed at the rate of 2.41 in SG whereas in Malaysia,I changed at 2.39RM.So do take note of this if you want to save even more ya?
And this sums up my JB post.Hope you enjoyed.

Look out for my ginvera review next!

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