Monday, May 30, 2011

Steamboat at Hotel Royal.

Went for Steamboat at Hotel Royal last Thursday on the 26th of May with my Mum and brother.Hee..Yes,you didn't hear wrongly.It's steamboat yet AGAIN.haha.Whenever we go for steamboat,my younger brother will ask,why do we always eat steamboat when we go out?It's like we are eating it once every two weeks..LOL! But no's not 2 weeks okay?It's once a month:P
Mum and I likes steamboat so we brought brother along.
Both chicken stock soup.Very nice especially after adding the "suan cai".
 Yes.It looks like we are attending a wedding dinner right?Steamboat in a Banquet style.
Asked my brother to take this two pictures for me cos I was too shy to take.Don't want people to give me weird stares..Haha!My brother damn nice right?So willing to help me.
 Sweet and sour soup.
Hee..Chinese style steamboat.
 Soup is heating up.Ready to put all the raw food in.
Chinese Tea for everyone.
Some pig liver,pig stomach,pork and chicken meat.So now you know,this place is not halal.
Prawns,Squid/Sotong,Crabmeat and Fishball.The fishball is frozen-.-
Golden needle mushroom!!!My favourite!
Egg,Cabbage and Lettue.If I am not wrong.I am bad in naming vegetables.I only know how to eat.Hahaha!
A few more types if mushrooms and the suan cai that I mentioned earlier on which helps to sweeten the soup. Yums.Be careful not to put too much or the soup will turn very SALTY towards the end.
 Vermicelli.I took this but I didn't eat it in the end cause I was too full after the crabs and I want to save some space for Ice-Cream.
 Flower crabs and Fried chicken wings.
Brother adding some eggs in.We always like to take eggs to put in the soup.But we always forget to stir the egg.End up it became hard boiled egg and we don't eat it after that.-.-
Prawns that mumy peeled for me.Actually there's more but I ate it already.
Brother's creation for himself.
 Brother finished eating his dinner first so he took ice cream for me.So this is also his creation.So pretty right?
I think he can work in a ice cream shop already.Haha.

Oh..And after i finish my dinner,my mum asked my why I didn't took my favourite hotdogs..But I didn't see it:( When we left,she showed me the hotdogs..Argh! Went home after that.So that's the end.See you on my next post!Will be blogging about my haul of the month on my next post.Hopefully it will be up by this week.It will include all the clothes I bought online as well as at Cotton on.Make up hauls will be on another separate post though.See Ya!!!

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