Thursday, May 19, 2011

Watson's SALE!

 Hehe..Yes..Today I am going to talk about Watson's SALE!!!
This is my hauls of the day.Total damage:$120 after all the discount!!!
Sneak peek of what I have gotton..
 I bought 2 Boxes of LOVEMORE mask(heard from many people that it's good and since it's cheap,why not try it right?),2 New Canmake Blusher 02,03,2 Boxes of hair dye,2 packs of tiger balm,1 KATE eyebrow mascara and also 1 pair of starlash falsie:)
My initial plan was to get PALTY hair dye,Canmake Blusher 01 and 02(there isn't stock for No.01 so i got No.02 and No.03),Heavy Rotation Milky Lipstick No.03 and KATE eyebrow mascara..But seeing that Tiger balm is having 20% plus 10% discount i got two!:)
 Canmake blush No.02
 Kate Eyebrow Mascara.

Falsies $8.90.No discount:(
 LoveMore mask at only $8.90
 LoveMore mask at $8.90 as well.
 Salon De Pro in the lightest shade (No.2) at $19.90 each.I got 2.No discount for this as well.
 Tiger Balm Medicated Plaster for my always aching legs at $2.73 each for 3 pieces after discount.
And.....These are the free gifts Watson gave me when i left the store.There's a bottle of Olive oil,a small handbag,some GUYLIAN chocolates,biscuits,Chupa Chups lollipop and sweets..So many right?I didn't expect it and was so surprised upon receiving.The goodies bag was quite heavy you know?
Alright end of this post.Till then!:)

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