Thursday, April 14, 2011

REVIEW:PALTY hair dye.

Dyed my hair recently with this PALTY hair dye that I got from Watsons. It only cost $13.50 and it comes with a free hair perfume!:)Definitely worth every penny for people who have bright hair and needs to touch up their black roots every 2-3 months.Since its only $13.50,why still let your ugly black roots show right?
Alright..Shall we take a look at the packaging and the outcomes and i will touch on the pros and cons of the hair dye at the end of the post. :)
Endorsed by famous YUI and Tsubasa Masuwaka.

The free hair perfume that comes with the hair dye.
Taken with natural sunlight without flash.
Taken with natural sunlight without flash with my hair all tied up.
Only one picture that is on your top left hand corner is with flash.The rest are taken with natural sunlight.

 Don't you think that the hair dye makes my hair looks very shiny and smooth?TOTALLY NOT FRIZZY AND DRY AT ALL!!:)

I feel that the outcome I have looks quite alike as compared to what it shows on the packaging.Don't you think so?Which also means the product is true to its claim..No?

The pros of the hair dye is that it makes my hair really really smooth after dyeing instead of dry and the effect of the smoothness actually last for a few days even though I wash my hair everyday.Even without putting on hair conditioner,my hair still feel smooth till now!Can you believe it?Usually if I don't put conditioner,my hair will turns out very frizzy and the ends will become very weak and it all becomes curly the next morning.
Another pros is that the effect the hair dye gives my hair is very even.But do take note this is provided if you do come it evenly as well.Like if you did not comb your hair with the hair dye and this part,this part of hair will not be dyed and it will still be black.So that's the reason why in one of the picture above on your top right hand corner,you can still see some black roots.

This hair dye also did not make my hair fall more than usual which is something i am really happy to use.Usually,when usually another brand of hair dye called lisese by KAO,it makes my hair fall so much that makes me quite skeptical when using it because i am afraid that i will become bald if i use it too regularly. But this doesn't happen to PALTY!YAY!Which also means,in the future,i will continue to purchase this when my new black roots grows.$13.50 for 1 bottle of hair dye which can lasts you for 2-3 months and doesn't makes your hair drop/dry.WHY NOT?Totally worth it in my opinion.And,with watson's card,you can always accumuate points to offset for your next purchase.Which also means,MORE SAVINGS!!!

Lastly,the hair dye gives really bright colours which is hard to achieve from other drugstore DIY hairdye that you can find in singapore without bleaching your hair.Which I LOVE!!!

The only con i have for this product is that it makes my hair tangles like mad during the process of dyeing and i had a really hard time combing them which makes me kind of scared that it will turn out uneven.Luckily,my bf who helped me in dyeing my hair,thought of squeezing out the hairdye and apply it using his hands instead of applying with the comb attached to the hairdye.That's why the bottom half of my hair still shows very even. :)

Do take note that if you have waist long hair,do get two box instead of one because mine is above waist length and i do find that one box is barely enough for me.

Final verdict:WILL I REPURCHASE???

Answer is: YES YES YES!!!:)

PS:This review is not paid.The reviews are my genuine opinion and I hope this helps!:)

Next post will be pictures of me and my family prawning on last Saturday.So do stay tuned!

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