Monday, April 18, 2011

Shopping and Crystal Jade Korean BBQ.

First stop of the day is to meet a seller whom i bought a pair of heels from and another seller whom i bought Jap make up from at Orchard MRT station.While waiting for the second seller to reach,we went to Once Upon A Milkshake at their new outlet at Ion orchard to order Root beer float and we were untitled to 10% discount!:)After that,we went to Daiso for some shopping and also had Penang prawn noodles at Basement 4. It taste very nice but a tad too overpriced. $4.80 for a bowl!!!
Then we went to Watson's,Kinokuniya,Takashimaya,Cotton on at Wisma and then to Muji for some shopping.Below are some camwhore pictures that I took while resting waiting at Muji..
Oh ya..Please pardon me for so many camwhore pics as only I go out once in a month..haha..So why not grab the chance and take more right??
And it's my Second time putting on the Dollywink lowerlash in No.5!!And i think i did quite well..hee..At least better than the first?:P
Can't wait to try the other Dollywink lashes!I want to try No.2,6 and 8 next time!!
 Our loots!!!
This is the place where we had our dinner.It's at Ngee Ann City. Have been wanting to try Korean BBQ for very long already..And once again,camwhored while waiting for our turn as we had to wait for 30 mins!!!
Damn popular.
Yeah!Finally we get to go in and eat..
We had this.Assorted Meat & Seafood Combination.
Their signature dish.Authentic Ginseng Chicken Soup.Some people did not had Korean BBQ,they just ordered this with other main dishes..I heard many raves about this but I am not a ginseng person..So we didn't order.
Complimentary soup given.I forgot what's the name of the soup but it taste like campbell soup. :x
The assorted meat and seafood combination that we ordered.Consist of chicken,pork,beef,squid and king prawn.
This plate definitely is enough for two person.Felt super full after that and I couldn't finish some of the meat.
 Super sinful cause it's super oily..
 And after was alreadt 10plus all the shops are closed so we went home after that.
My Daiso hauls.Some snacks,2 bottles of hand cream,mask and basket to store my never ending make ups.
Bought 2 hand creams from Daiso because I am a cleanaholic and I wash my hands super often hence,my hands are super dry:(I can wash my hands with soap more than 10 times a day.Opened this bottle almost immediately after I came out of Daiso to apply on my hands because I can't take it already.My hands are very wrinkled..I got to say this hand cream is really really good because it helps to moisturise my hands well and most important it doesn't feel a tad greasy..It's water based as not cream based btw..Super duper nourishing.I apply it whenever I sees it or whenever I am free and my condition really improved by A LOT!Do get it if you need a hand cream that is non oily.It's only 2 bucks.
 End of Daiso hauls.
My Watson's haul!
Bought this eyelash glue because i heard so many many raves from many bloggers/youtubers like Chaigyaru etc..
 Double eyelid stickers that came with a unique stick for you to create a crease as well as for you to paste the sticker.

My Cotton On Hual~
I <3 LEOPARD PRINTS!!!People who know me will know.
End of my haul from Cotton On.I like to shop at Cotton On because they have always have my size and they carries mainly basics. It's so hard to find UK6 at other shops.Even if the shop do carries,they are always 00S and all they left with is UK 10 to 14:(
I have 4 magazines unread that I bought last month but I still got to buy this because I love POPTEEN and i have to read it every month!!:)
The Hollyhoque heels that I bought from an online seller.
Another platform heels that I bought online.Nice right?? HEE!SUPER DUPER HAPPY ME.
Alright..These are all my hauls that day.Hope you enjoy this post:)
 Make up used that day.

Hado Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydating Lotion
Hado Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydating Milk
Heroine Make BB cream
Ettusais Skincare powder
Melliesh Blush in No.2 Baby peach.
Canmake Shading Powder in 01
Canmake Highlight Gradation in 04

Bibo Eyebrow Pencil
BROWS UP Chamayu Eyebrow Mascara
Kate Gradical Eyeshadow BR-1
Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner
Canmake Nuance Liner in Black
Maybelline Eyelash Curler
EYE eyelash adhesive Dark tone for Upper eyelash
Diamond Lash DL51594 [Beauty Eye] Upper lash
Shu Uemura eyelash glue for Lower eyelash.
Dolly Wink No.5 in Real Nude.

Kate Lip Stick ND in BE-4
Melliesh Lip gloss in No.3

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Alright!Stay tuned for my massive GYARU make up haul from Japan on my next post. :)
Hope you enjoyed reading.

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