Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sakura Shabu Shabu at AMK BLK 529.

This Shabu Shabu is located at BLK 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10.It's more of like a "Kopitiam Style" Japanese steamboat so don't be fooled by their pamphlet in the first 2 pictures.Hahaha!  Its $15 nett without any service charge or whatsoever so you can eat in piece without worrying about the extra charges..However,because there's no service charge,it also means that you have to self service.For the first time,they will help you pour the soup base.Thereafter,if you need refills,you got to get the soup from the container yourself.Cutlery as well not to say the foods.So do take note if you are the kind that are lazy to walk and prefer to be served. :)There's only two soup base.One is miso soup and another is Tom Yam.If I am not wrong.

In my opinion,it's not worth the $15 as the sushi are not very fresh and i could have gotten a better place at Bugis area for like $2 more but better ambiance,better food and better environment with Air-con!The Tom yam soup doesn't even taste like Tom Yam!Totally not spicy at all.Definitely will not go back for the second time. The only food that i find nice is the chicken wings only.

That's all!~  ;)

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