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Hey everyone?How are you guys?

I am sorry that I missed out this space.

Anyway,I have changed my blogskin.How is it?

Will blog about my Batam and Taiwan trip soon ok?

I have so many things to share with you all..

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Bali trip 2012.

As I have mentioned in my previous post,my camera was out of battery on the 2nd day and the charger couldn't charge,took photos with my iphone and the phone was restored in the end without backing up.So this are the only photos left on the other phone.

 We went to this restaurant which I can't remember the name of it for our first meal.It was near Kuta beach.Warung something.The food is relatively cheap there.But never order their Tom yam soup there or anywhere.It's very salty.Definitely different from what you have from Thailand.Or rather I should say,never order any soup from Indonesia.They taste really bad.Order either Mee goreng or Nasi Goreng to be safe.For drinks,order fruit juice cos it's really cheap!!About SGD$1 plus compared to singapore which will cost around $3.5-$4.5.

 Mee goreng
Nasi Goreng

 This is taken at Kuta beach.The beach is very dirty.The sands are very black.Perhaps because thousands of people come down to the famous Kuta beach to see the beautiful sunset?
 There was no peace at all when we were waiting for the sunset.All the "walking street vendors" kept approaching us to ask if we want to do manicure/hair braiding,buy ice cream,sunglasses,hats,scarfs,beach mats or even learn surfing from them.Super irritating!You simply cannot enjoy the sun in peace at all.

 But what I do like about the beach is that the wave is really huge.I love the sound of the wave very much.Many caucasians are surfing on the beach and some are learning how to.
 After suntanning at the beach,we took a cab to the spa that we had already asked our hotel to book for us at seminyak area.It's called the body works.We had a private couple room to ourselves.And the bathtub was really huge.Can sit horizontally facing each other with legs stretched out comfortably without squeezing..I feel like a queen over at the spa.My bf had Shiatzu massage which require alot of strength from the therapist whereas I had the aromatherapy massage followed by a bath.It was so relaxing!I fell in love with flower bath after I came back from Bali.I thought i can only see it on television but I had a chance to experience it.It was so romantic.We also ordered fruit juices while we were having the bathe.Felt like a king and a queen again.haha!
Shiatzu Massage
Our Shiatzu massage is a traditional Japanese finger pressure massage, using slow, deep penetration of key points along the acupunture meridians. The dispersing of excess or blocked energy can promote circulation to deficient or under active areas, stimulate the immune system and restore balance. The treatment is followed by a relaxing soak in a warm, flower-filled bath.
1 ½ hours Rp 324.000
Aromatherapy Massage
During the aromatherapy massage, the subtle aroma from the essential oils help strengthen the body’s healing potential. Choose from a variety of high quality oils blended to suit your personal needs (headache & migraine, rejuvenating, cough & cold, insomnia, etc). This treatment includes an aromatherapy bath.
1 ½ hours Rp 306.000

Overall the money was so well spent.Worth every penny!Can't wait to go Bali again!
^This is the website of the spa we went for those who are interested in the pricing etc.

 Back to our hotel after dinner and this is what we saw!A frog outside our room and our neighbours room.So cute!~ I feel so close to nature~

 This were taken at discovery mall's open area.The wind was so strong that I felt that I can fly.So scary.Was so afraid that the tsunami is coming and kept asking my bf to stop taking pictures and head back to the mall.Lol.

 After that we had our lunch at A&W and it was time to head back to Singapore.I also da bao-ed one pack of nuggets back.Haha..
One big lesson learnt from this trip is not to travel on winter seasons!!!Best to go Bali is from April til Sept as advised by the locals.Cos Oct-March is their raining season.It kept everyday for the 4days we were there at Bali.Probably only one day it didn't.But it still rained at night.Such a let down.Our moods were quite dampened by the rain..We couldn't swim or suntan at all.There isn't much sun:( The bf was so upset.Luckily the pool we just in front of our room and the moment we saw that there's sun we quickly change changed into our swimwear and suntan on the tanning chair and jump into the pool!No,actually we didn't jump cos the pool was too cold.We were like shivering in the water instead.But less an hour,it was about to rain again.So we went back..I bought a quicksilver swimwear which cost me about $70 bucks i think for just one time use-.-

So remember,be it any country that you plan to go,never go on January.I went HK during Jan last year and it was super duper cold!!!No clothes for me to buy too.And this time round at Bali it was difficult to shop too cos there aren't any shelter and you have to bring your own hotel umbrella..What's worst is that the whole roads are flooding,there will be cars splashing water on you..The roads are very dirty when it rains so do expect your legs to be very dirty after the whole day.

It was a birthday present for the bf and he like it so much..Ever since we are back,he keep mentioning that he wants to go back soon and he missed Bali a lot.He said that he want save a lot of money to buy many board shorts when he is there next year and even jokingly said to me.Why not we don't go Taiwan on June?We go Bali instead.With this you can see how much he enjoyed there.
It's a must visit country for every couple's out there.Do find time to visit if you haven't!!
Here are some videos taken when I was at Bali to make up for the lack of pictures..

This is the resort that I stayed for my 4days there.The biggest room I have ever stayed.It was really comfortable and outside my room was the swimming pool.So awesome.The service of the hotel staffs were great as well.Very warm,friendly and kind.They put on a smiley face whenever they see their hotel guests. They were never grumpy.So glad that I made a right choice by choosing Amadea.Just outside my hotel were stretch of shops that sells surf wear.Very convenient.Near to Kuta shopping area as well.
 Kuta beach


 This is the horse carriage that I saw when I was shopping at Kuta.There were many horses on the streets for tourist to ride on.I wonder how much are they for a ride.Will definitely try it when I am there next time.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Make ups that I have bought recently.

Hi all!!I know I haven't been blogging for so long..The last post was 21st Jan?I am terribly sorry that I own you guys so many posts.I have been getting questions from messages from Facebook and Formspring asking me why I haven't been updating but I just couldn't find time to do so as I returned to work on the 26th of Jan as a part timer after quitting my job as a full timer on the 21st Dec.Now that I only need to work on weekends,I can have more time to blog on weekdays!So here's a little update about myself:)I also been to Bali on early January and Batam on the the 30th of Jan.So probably by next week,I will blog either one of the trips up.One bad news is that because my camera battery was faulty and the camera that I borrowed from my dad is not working on the 2nd day on the trip,I only managed to took a few bad quality photos with my bf Iphone 4 and my Iphone 3GS camera.But what makes it worst was that my bf restored the whole Iphone 3GS without saving the photos that we took at Bali in the computer first!!!So I only left with a few pictures that I took using his Iphone 4.So irritating right?Damn!So now all the memories are gone~So now,I can only blog with whichever photos that's left.So sorry all..

Back to the topic,I am going to blog about the make ups that I have bought since November last year till now.It's a freaking 100 pictures after scanning those that I find not necessary to post!I took quite soe time to sort them out man..Have to rotate photos,them choose and decide which to blog and edit them.Faints!!!

Hope you all like it!Enjoy!!
Bought it from Watson's

Haul from

Got 2 of my friends to buy for me these Jill stuart blushers when they went to HK.


 Samples that the BA got for me.Lol.The girl is really generous!!!
Hual from Far east plaza.

Haul from Watson's.

Haul from a online store in Facebook.Got one at only $15 each cos I bargained.Lol!
Got this at for $19 a pair.Retail selling for $35 if I am not wrong..
Haul from Watson's again.Borrowed a staff card and got 10% discount off these items.Haha!

Haul from Pasar Malam except for the Jewerich lash.

 Haul from ''Magic shop'' in Northpoint.Opened by 女人我最大.Their stuffs except for their eyelashes are really cheap.Some of them are on sale.I got the eyeshadow for only $3.50 I think.

Random haul from everywhere.Diamond lash from Gmarket.The seller really marked up the price by a lot!!I bought this at freaking $38 SGD whereas is only selling at $29.99 USD,ebay is selling at $19.35 USD, is sell at $21.90 SGD and himeko himitsu is selling at $26 SGD.Super duper angry.The seller even dared to blacklist me and scold me on facebook after me leaving a negative comment on her Gmarket.Anywhere else is cheaper.

Springheart lash was from my bf.He bought it to make me happy.It's his 2nd time buying make up for me on his own accord.The first time he bought a dollywink eyeshadow for me.Hehe
(1st from left)Maybelline lipstick and Loreal lipstick were from mum on Christmas,
(3rd from left is from Northpoint guardian if I am not wrong.)
(4th from left):Revlon lipstick,Maybelline mascara and Biore sunscreen were from Koh Samui,

Haul from Daiso.Only $2.
 Haul from Bali!!:)
Bought this lipstick at $36 at the Changi Airport.It was Tax-free.Finally got it after seeing so many beauty bloggers example eki from using it.The packaging is so pretty!!!Tried it on once and I can't wait to wear it out..
  These are currently my favourite eyelashes.I haven't seen them in Singapore before and I really love these lashes as they are so easy to apply,the lash bone is thick enough for me to create a obvious double eyelid and they are really obvious yet natural enough:)<3 them.

 Dollywink is cheaper over there because they are having a 20% discount there.Yes 20% discount off Dollywinks!!!Should have gotten more lashes and pencil eyeliner there as well.Oh ya.And they do carries decorative eyelash in single pack.

 Malaysia Johor Bahru Haul.
 I bought this for only 22RM/SGD9.12.So cute and I and still using it till now.
 Double eyelid stickers.
 Some bow crystal for the nails and nail glue.
 Only 5 rm/SGD2 each at Holiday Plaza.
 Bought 3 boxes of contact lens for 100 RM/SGD41.50.So each is about SGD13.80 only. haul.I bought the blusher from a stall vendor at a flea market at scape for $7.50 if I am not wrong.Been using the blusher everyday now.Love it!


 Also got this when I was at Scape flea market.$6:)This pair of eyelash is really long and dramatic.Probably the longest I have ever worn and it really opens up my eyes!And I think the packaging looks like Dollywink's one?Do you think it looks like Dollywink's liquid eyeliner packaging?

 And I got this Candydoll limited edition foundation blusher from Watson's.Feel like getting the cheek blushers as well.Anyone wants to sponsor me?Haha!

 Haul from Ebay.I couldn't get this from Singapore so I ordered there.
 That's the end of the post!!I spent a freaking 3 days doing this.I hope you girls love it!Do let me know if you need any reviews,information or more photos of the above products.
Will see you guys next week!!!

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